Take Help from the Best Scholarship Essay Examples

A good scholarship essay fully answers the prompt. It has a dramatic start, a climax, and a solution with lessons. It involves your narrative skills. Read sample excerpts for more idea.

What’s a Scholarship Essay – Winning Scholarship Essay Examples

The essay is named after it’s purpose – It’s the kind of essay that applicants of fee waiver or financial help are required by the scholarship issuing board to write. Since it can help ease your financial burden substantially, you must put due effort in writing it to perfection. Applicants write these essays following a prompt. Some of the best examples can be read at this link;


Procedure for Writing a Scholarship Essay

It takes strong writing skills to produce a scholarship essay. You will be given a prompt to share your views on. Commonly, essay examples for scholarship respond to such prompts as, ‘share a weakness that you had and how you overcame it’ or ‘what do you want to achieve professionally by taking this program’. Whatever the prompt, here’s what you need to do:

First, make an outline.
Get the reader attracted with a dramatic opening statement. Something like this gets the readers exploring further – ‘March 03, 2012 , was the day my whole outlook on life changed’. Good college scholarship essay examples start with such statements that spur curiosity.
Lead it to climax that encompasses all troubles you’ve had. For example, tell everything that happened on the above date and state why it had such an overwhelming effect on your ideology of life.
After that, discuss how you solved the problems. Demonstrate your strengths here and elaborate how you used them.
In the last, write about the lessons you drew from the whole experience.
Write the whole essay in first person language.
Finally, read it with the intention of picking out and eliminating typos and linguistic mistakes.

Get an Idea About It from These Scholarship Essay Excerpts

One element common across all good scholarship essay examples is that they demonstrate the applicants’ ability to successfully use their skills and talents to fight off the problems in their way. The scholarship providing boards or committees normally dictate the formats to the candidates. Common scholarship essay format examples include the following:

Electronic format in PDF or word with the size of file below 5MB.
Files are saved on desktop or a flash drive.
They are uploaded online along with the other application documents.
Name along with student ID is mentioned in it’s heading.
Length is generally limited to 2 pages double spaced.

The starting of a scholarship essay is the most important. Being the first line, it sets your impression on the reader. Below, you’ll find some how to start a scholarship essay examples:

The clock had just struck 7am on a bright sunny June morning. I had just had my breakfast. While most of my classmates were enjoying vacations, I was excited to commence my internship involving investigative journalism with a popular newspaper.

It sounds a bit cliché to state that I always knew which profession I wanted to join, though it’s actually true in my case. The day I first went to a jewelry shop, I was fascinated by the stones and metals. The visit was reminiscent in that the images kept flashing in my head for days.