Persuasive Essay Examples at Different Academic Levels

A good persuasive essay has appealing arguments. It includes use of relevant statistics, credibility of writer, and emotional appeal to make an essay persuasive. Read the examples.

Introduction to Persuasive Essay Examples College

These essays are written to modify readers’ thinking along the direction wanted by the author. Content includes ethos, logos, pathos, and good persuasive essay examples. A nice essay is written with a proper process. Topics suitable for different academic levels match their themes and course content. ‘Drug Use Regulations in College’ and ‘Students’ Guidance for the Right Career’ are suitable choices for college-level persuasive essays.

How a Persuasive Essay is Written – The Steps

It all starts with brainstorming and doing your homework on the topic to form a thesis first. Some persuasive essay thesis examples include ‘boarding schools are good for cognitive development of teenagers’, and ‘guns shouldn’t be allowed in college campuses because of the risk of criminal activity associated with it’. Steps that lead to a persuasive essay are mentioned here:

Think about the topic and note your preliminary thoughts on it on a paper.
Search the topic online and find articles that support your stance as well as others that criticize it. Take notes of both evidence and counterargument.
Start making your outline with defined portions of start, middle, and end.
At the very least, write thesis statement, topic sentences, and example points in the outline.
Next, start building it into an essay. Begin the introduction with background information and logically connect it to the thesis statement.
As you fill the outline up, insert connecting words and phrases like ‘similarly’, ‘contrary to the’, and ‘overall’ etc.
Insert counterargument and refutation in the second-last paragraph as the last will be of conclusion.
Rephrase thesis for conclusion, concisely sum up main arguments, and in the end, write a statement that tells what can be taken from this essay in one line. Don’t insert any new information here.

Some Examples of Persuasive Essays Suitable for High-School

Persuasive essays use pathos, egos, and logos to convince the readers. Credibility of author and information is very important. Following sections are some persuasive essay examples high school.

High-school curriculum should comprise courses for international languages. That’s the age when students’ ability to learn a language is at it’s peak. In an increasingly multicultural world, the importance of being competent in a variety of languages cannot be overemphasized.

Learning to socialize with all sorts of people is just as important, if not more, as getting information about a subject. Many highly qualified people are professionally weak because of their lack of competence in dealing with people. Therefore, classroom activities should be increasingly organized as a group.

Suitable Middle-School Persuasive Essay Excerpts

Here are few excellent persuasive essay examples middle school. In addition, they are also how to start a persuasive essay examples because they start with a context. You can sense how the writer provides background information for a quick start.

Adopting a stray pet is a very beneficial practice. Firstly, the pet gets a better lifestyle as it’s taken care of. Secondly, the child adopting it learns compassion and feels good about nurturing the pet.

There should always be a free period in the middle school. Children should be allowed to do whatever they want in it. One free period provides students with ample time to relax and unwind themselves, so that they can get refreshed.