Narrative Essay Topics | Samples, Examples, and Useful Tips

Selecting good personal narrative essay topics can be quite challenging. Read on for tips on how to choose one and where to find the help you need.

Find Narrative Essay Topics for College Students —Here’s How

There are many types of assignments that you will be asked to write as a student. One of these is a narrative essay. Regardless of the project complexity and requirements, choosing an interesting and manageable topic is critical. Good narrative essay topics ensure that you cover the subject in sufficient depth and breadth, and that your narration flows seamlessly from the introduction to the conclusion. Given its importance, most students struggle with finding narrative essay topics for college. Here, we cover useful tips on how to proceed as well as where you can get assistance. We also offer some examples to guide you.

Where Can Students Find Outstanding Literacy Narrative Essay Topics?

The goal of narrative writing is to tell a story about an event, experience, or interactions that occurred during a particular period. The text should include a clear plot, allowing your audience to follow your narration.
Selecting topics for narrative essay can be quite challenging. We recommend picking something that you remember vividly, and which you can describe in an interesting manner. The topic chosen should be about a particular event, and not your whole life. Consider picking an occasion that will elicit emotion not only from you, but also from your audience.
But, where can such topics be found?
Here are options to consider:
A topic you have written about in the past — make sure to approach it from a completely different and interesting angle;
Ask for tips or hints from your instructor or tutor;
List down interesting or memorable past events, and brainstorm on them before selecting an option;
Get help from a professional writing service — The writers have probably handled tons of similar papers and will know what to do.

Here Are Some Examples of Narrative Topics to Consider

You need to remember that each narrative paper is unique to your circumstances. As such, your topic selection is a subjective process. Here are some examples that you can choose from:
Choose a day with your friend which is imprinted in your memory;
Write about an even in your family;
Choose a time from your childhood, such as your first time riding a bicycle;
Tell about the most exhausting exam or assignment;
Tell about your first visit to the countryside or to another country;
Talk about your most embarrassing experience;
Tell about the funniest way you met a friend.
These are just some options to consider. The truth is, good topics for a narrative essay can be virtually about anything. Just make sure that your choice is interesting not only to you, but also to your audience. If you find yourself struggling with the topic selection or with the actual writing of your essay, don’t hesitate to seek professional writing assistance. Contact us for more information.